The company is targeting to build, own and operate 1GW of solar projects across India under various State

Electricity from wind energy is one of the fastest growing methods of electrical generation in the world. Kinetic energy from moving air is converted into electricity by wind turbines that are mounted in locations where there are favourable weather patterns.

The worldwide installed capacity of wind power reached 486,749 MW by the end of 2016. India has had a total installed capacity of 28,700 MW (by end of 2016). The short gestation periods for installing wind turbines, and the increasing reliability and performance of wind energy machines has made wind power a favoured choice for capacity addition in India.

with significant experience across the spectrum of power project development:
  • Site selection
  • market analysis
  • Agreements and Approval
  • Land acquisition
  • Land acquisition
  • Wind Mill Erections
  • Generate Green Energy